10 nice tips for your cactus and succulent

In this blog, Chanel gives you 10 useful tips about your cacti and succulents. With these tips, you will learn more about your plants in no time.

Tip 1: Cactus and succulents love light

Cacti and succulents love light, light and more light. In nature, your cacti and succulents grow in places with lots of sun. The sun makes them grow well and color beautifully. So give your cactus or succulent a light or sunny place.

Tip 2: Check skewer

You obviously don't want your cactus or succulent to remain in wet soil for a long time. Your cactus and succulent plant also like it if the soil dries out completely between watering.

You can see or feel whether the top of the earth is wet. The underside of the Earth can be trickier. Especially if your plant is in a decorative pot, for example. You can use a skewer for this. Put it in the soil up to the bottom and remove it after 10 minutes. Is your skewer moist? Then you know that your plant does not need water yet. A bit like checking whether your cake that is in the oven is ready.

Tip 3: A cactus or succulent with wrinkles?

Yes, your cacti and succulents can also get wrinkles. This does not mean that your plant is entering its old age, but usually that it requires water. Your plant indicates this by causing its skin to wrinkle. These often disappear after a few days after watering. It is a natural process for a cactus or succulent to indicate that it wants water.

Tip 4: Make leaf cuttings from your succulent

You know how it is, when you move or repot your succulent plant, a leaf falls off. You don't have to throw these away immediately. You can make leaf cuttings from many succulent plant species. This means that when you place the leaf on the soil, a new succulent will grow over time. An explanation of how to do this can be found in this blog.

Tip 5: Take a photo of the growth of your cactus or succulent plant

Many cactus or succulent plant species do not grow very quickly. Sometimes they look like statues. Also, because you probably look at it frequently, the minimal growth is not noticeable. Take a photo of your cactus or succulent at the beginning of spring and look at it again at the end of summer. You will see that your cacti and succulents have grown.

Tip 6: Enjoy your cactus and succulent flowers

Of course, you should enjoy this. Certainly! But that is not self-evident. While a bunch of flowers often lasts for a week, a cactus flower usually fades after one day. Except for some species, of course. Take a good look at the flowers of your cacti and succulents when they are open. Don't think this is possible tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. The flowers of many Avonia species only bloom for 2 hours! You really have to be quick about this.

Tip 7: Cacti with badass spines and styrofoam

Do you have a few thick pieces of Styrofoam, or have you come across them somewhere? Save that trade! There will come a day when you will need to repot your large or super spiky cactus. The Styrofoam can save you quite a few spines in your hand there. Press two pieces of Styrofoam against the cactus. The spines disappear into the Styrofoam and you can easily lift the cactus and place it in its new pot.

Tip 8: Make friends, acquaintances, and neighbours enthusiastic about cacti and succulents

How nice it is to talk to your friends, acquaintances, and neighbours about your cacti and succulents. Sharing experiences and cuttings. We always really enjoy this and learn a lot from it. How nice it is to share your experiences with other people who have the same passion.

Tip 9: The make-up brush

Is your cactus or succulent plant dusty? Or, for example, is there soil here and there after repotting? Use a make-up brush. Without makeup, of course. But you can easily wipe off all the dust and soil from the plant with this. Even if it is between the spines or other difficult places.

Tip 10: Just no green fingers. Cacti and succulents often appreciate this!

Are you someone who just doesn't have green fingers or simply has trouble keeping plants alive? Then take a cactus or succulent plant. For example, do you forget this for a month? No water or attention for a month? No problem. Cacti and succulents are not that difficult.

Do you have any tips that should absolutely not be missing from this list? Let us know. We are curious!

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