Repotting cacti and succulents

Does your cactus or succulent need a new pot? Or are you just curious when your cactus or succulent needs to be repotted? Then you've come to the right place with this blog. We explain when and how you should pot your cactus and succulent. We have also made a nice video with a handy repotting tip.

When should I repot my cactus or succulent?

There are a number of indicators that your plant itself indicates that it wants to be repotted. First, the roots grow so large that the plant bursts out of its pot. This is clearly visible in the first photo. This often happens with cacti with a large taproot or succulents with a thick root system. This way, your plant lets you know that it would like a larger pot.

You can also see it if you hold the plant up and look under the pot. Do you see that your cactus or succulent is developing a completely new root system under your pot? As can be clearly seen in the photos below, it is time for a new pot. It is therefore best to cut the plastic from the pot around the roots today. It damages the roots of your cactus or succulent as little as possible.

The third reason for repotting may also be that your cactus or succulent plant is simply too big for the pot it is in. See photo below. Now is the time when your plant would like a new pot.

Does your cactus or succulent not show any of the above? Then you can apply the rule that she wants to be placed in new soil every 3–4 years. This is because the old earth contains less and less nutrition and is actually used up.

How big should the new pot be?

We always apply the rule that the new pot is 1 size larger. This is often a few centimeters. This is because cacti and succulents like to have their roots in a tight pot. The soil can also remain wet for too long if you place your cactus or succulent in a pot that is too large. If you do this, be careful not to give too much water, especially in the beginning. It will take several months before your cactus or succulent has developed a larger and good root system in the new, large pot.

How do I damage the cactus and succulent as little as possible during repotting?

This is very important for many cacti and succulents. Cacti will often immediately punish you with spines in your hand. But many succulents such as Echeveria also have a wax layer on their leaves. If you touch it with your fingers, you will see all kinds of prints on it and the wax layer will come off.

Therefore, try to hold your cactus or succulent plant by the root ball as much as possible. With succulents, if this does not work, you can try to grab the plant from below. There is regularly less or no wax layer on the underside of the leaves. With cacti, you can also use, for example, 2 pieces of polystyrene foam or barbecue tongs to lift the cactus.

Handy repotting tip!

We have a handy repotting tip for you, so that you can repot your cactus and succulents like a boss. Save the old pot your plant was in for this purpose. Fill the new pot with a layer of soil. Then place the old (empty) pot in it and fill everything completely with soil. Then press the soil well and remove the old pot. The hole that remains is the same size as the root ball of your plant. You can tuck the plant in here. We did it for you in the video!

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