Different locations for your cactus and succulent

Cacti and succulents are beautiful additions to any garden or indoor space. They are known for their unique shapes and ability to survive in arid environments. To keep these plants healthy and happy, it is essential to choose the right location. In this blog we take a closer look at different locations for cacti and succulents, so that you can enjoy a lush and well-cared for collection.

Sunlight lovers:

Cacti and succulents generally do best in bright, direct sunlight. Preferably place them on a south-facing windowsill, where they receive at least 6 hours of sunlight daily. Don't have a south-facing windowsill? Then you can also place them on the west or east. Make sure that the plants are not left in moist soil for more than a week to prevent root rot. In a west or east location, the soil will remain moist more easily, so adjust the amount of water per watering.

Light options

Some cacti and succulents thrive in a bright spot. Place them where they will receive sunlight in the morning or in an area with filtered light. This is ideal for species that naturally grow in the shade of rocks or other plants. Also make sure that the soil does not remain moist for more than a week.

Interior splendor

For indoor garden enthusiasts, there are many cacti and succulents that do well in pots. Choose a well-drained potting soil and give them sufficient/lots of light. Window sills, open shelves or even hanging baskets are great options. Also make sure that the soil does not remain moist for more than a week.

Cold tolerant varieties

Some cacti and succulents can handle low temperatures surprisingly well. For enthusiasts in colder climates, it is useful to invest in hardy varieties. Place them near a sunny wall or in a sheltered spot to protect them from severe frost.
Pay close attention to whether a plant is frost-resistant or winter-hardy in the articles. Do you know the difference? We explain it below.
Frost-resistant means that the plant is suitable for low temperatures, but not for wet feet. It is therefore very important that the plants are covered and protected from the rain.
Winter hardy means that the plant can be placed in the garden in the open ground and is therefore intended to withstand rainfall and low temperatures. So you don't have to protect it against the rain or cold.

How do I know if my cactus or succulent is getting enough light?

Cacti and succulents show this clearly. As long as your plant maintains the same growth shape and color as you received it, it will generally receive enough light. Does the plant suddenly grow long and elongated? Or does the new growth have a much lighter green-white color? These are two clear signs that you should place the cactus or succulent in a place with more light.

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