Care in the spring

Spring, together with summer, is my favourite time of the year. This is also a good period for most cacti and succulents. In this blog, I will show you how to best care for your plants in the spring and what you can do around your cacti and succulents.


Spring is a transitional period in which your cacti and succulents increasingly need and want water. At the beginning of spring, your plants come out of their rest period. Then we still water them here once a month, and we mainly look at what the weather is doing. Is a sunny week coming? Then they are given extra water. Throughout the spring there will be more and more sun, and you will increase the frequency so that at the end of spring you will be watering once every 2 weeks. It is important that the soil does not remain wet for more than 1 week after watering. This way you reduce the chance of rot.

To intoxicate

Often a layer of dust has formed on your cactus or succulent during the winter period. In the spring, your cacti and succulents will appreciate it if you mist them with water. This makes them look fresh again, and they also absorb moisture through their stomata. We always mist our cacti and succulents at the end of the afternoon. Why? The stomata close during the day on warm days and open at the end of the day and at night. This way they can absorb the mist and the rest of the mist will dry again the next day. This way you will not have any problems with small burn spots on the skin of your plant caused by the sun.


The sun becomes increasingly stronger in the spring. You also see this with your cacti and succulents. With many colored succulents, you see that the colors become more intense again. But also the intensity of the color of your spines on your cactus. Because your cacti and succulents now want to slowly start growing again, it is important that they get a sunny spot. This ensures beautiful, sturdy and compact growth for your plants.

Power supply

In the spring, your cacti and succulents want to grow and some of them also bloom. To support this, we recommend feeding your plants once a month that are entering their growth and flowering period from April onwards.


Not only growth, but also flowering starts for many types of cacti and succulents in the spring. In some varieties you can already see the flower buds, and they are already blooming. For other species, especially summer bloomers, spring is the period when they start to form their buds. Do you feel like it takes a very long time for a flower bud to emerge? Check to see if it is still firm and has not dried out. What can help the flower to emerge is to place your cactus in a sunny spot and lightly mist the flower bud(s) with water on hot days.


Taking cuttings from your cacti and succulents is a fun activity and a way to propagate your beautiful plants. Do you like cuttings, or would you like to give this a try? Then spring is the ideal period. Your plants will create roots more easily than at other times of the year, and your new cuttings will grow during a long warm period, which will certainly do them good. Do you think it would be fun or would you like to give cuttings a try? Then also read our blog about cutting cacti and succulents.


Are your plants outside part of the year? Or do you want to try how they do it outside? Then it is best to do this in the spring from May onwards. Pay attention to whether there is still night frost, then it is better to keep them indoors for a while. Spring is the best period because the sun is not yet at its strongest. This way the plants can get used to the sun. For example, if you put them outside on a sunny day in the summer, they can burn just like us. When your cacti and succulents are outside, it is important that excess water can drain from your pot due to rainfall. This is how you prevent rot.

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading this blog and can take good care of your succulents and cacti in the spring. If you have any questions about this, you can always contact us.

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