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Astrophytum Myriostigma quadricostatum nudum

Astrophytum Myriostigma quadricostatum nudum

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Plants may differ slightly from the photos. Each plant is unique and slightly different from its neighbor.

Not suitable for consumption (humans and animals)

Diameter: 10.5 cm

Height: 12 cm



April-September: 1 x every 2 weeks*

October-March: 1x per month *

*This is only for a sunny location

Light: sunny

Nutrition: 1x per month (May-September)


The Astrophytum Myriostigma Nudum is really a special Astrophytum because it has lost its dots. This brings out the gray-green color of the plant beautifully. This Astrophytum will bloom in spring to early summer. Yellow flowers up to 5 cm in size then appear from the head of the cactus. This cactus rarely forms cuttings, so it is mainly grown from seed. These are older cacti that have already reached a considerable size. These Astrophytums are in a 10.5 cm pot. The number of ribs that this beautiful cactus has is 4. This is why it is also called the Astrophytum Myriostigma Quadricostatum nudum. In short, this special Astrophytum is a real eye-catcher for your plant collection, to give your interior a special boost or as an addition to your urban jungle.

Astrophytum Myriostigma general info

Astrophytum Myriostigma is a spineless cactus that is covered with very small white dots. Due to its appearance, this plant has been nicknamed Bishop's Hat. The Astrophytum Myriostigma occurs in the highlands of central and northern Mexico. This Astrophytum cactus grows on hilly plains and steppe areas. When this cactus is still young, it is difficult to find in nature. Then it hides under other vegetation or under withered grass species. At a later age, the Astrophytum Myriostigma grows beyond this. This cactus can grow to large sizes later in life and therefore changes its growth form. In the beginning, the Astrophytum Myriostigma grows like a ball cactus. Later it grows taller when it reaches a diameter of 12 to 15 cm as a ball cactus. The Astrophytum Myriostigma can then grow into a cactus of up to 150 cm high with a diameter of 15-20 cm. However, this will take several decades because it is not a fast grower.

In spring and summer on warm days, the Astrophytum Myriostigma produces bright yellow flowers that appear from the head of the cactus. The flowers smell wonderful and can grow up to 7 cm in diameter. The plant in the photo was in bloom at the time of the photo. It is not a cactus species that is delivered to you blooming all year round.

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