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Epiphyllum hybrids

Epiphyllum hybrids

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Plants may differ slightly from the photos. Each plant is unique and slightly different from its neighbor.

Not suitable for consumption (humans and animals)


Height: 16-20 cm



April-September: 1 x every 2 weeks* *

October-March: 1 x per month * *

*This is only for a sunny location

Light: Sunny/light

Nutrition: 1 x per month (May-September)


These Epiphyllum cacti are beautiful hybrids that produce beautiful flowers. The flowers can grow up to 15 cm in size. We have them in many different colors. You can choose your color from the drop-down menu. We also have a color mix that includes plants with orange, yellow, red and white flowers. To do this, choose the option: Color mix.

The leaves of the Epiphyllum hybrids have a fresh green color. They are flat in shape with a rounded midrib. The outer edges have a wavy pattern. The leaves of the Epiphyllum hybrids can easily reach 60-70 cm in length. Often when the plants grow larger they also produce more flowers. These then grow from the sides of the leaves. The Epiphyllum hybrids first grow upwards and then droop as they grow taller. This makes these Epiphyllum hybrids well suited for a hanging pot.

This cactus is very fragile, but because it is popular and has a beautiful appearance, we still want to offer it. We pack these cacti as best as possible. However, it may happen that some stems break off during transport. You can pot these again after +- 2 weeks of drying. These will then continue to grow again from spring onwards.

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