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Pachypodium Succulentum

Pachypodium Succulentum

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Plants may differ slightly from the photos. Each plant is unique and slightly different from its neighbor.

Not suitable for consumption (humans and animals)

Diameter: 13 cm

Height: 25-30



April-September: 1 x every 2 weeks*

October-March: 1x per month *

*This is only for a sunny location

Light: sunny

Nutrition: 1x per month (May-September)


The Pachypodium Succulentum is a distinctively shaped caudex plant. The Pachypodium Succulentum differs greatly in appearance compared to the Pachypodium Lamerei and Geayi. The Pachypodium Succulentum has more similarities with the Pachypodium Saundersii. In nature, the Pachypodium Succulentum occurs in South Africa. Here the Pachypodium Succulentum grows in dry areas between rocks in the grassland.

The Pachypodium Succulentum has a tuberous caudex. The Pachypodium Succulentum stores large amounts of water here, so that it can withstand long periods of drought. Multiple thin spiny stems grow from the top of the caudex. Elongated thin leaves grow between the spines. When the plant goes dormant with us in the winter, these leaves fall off. In the spring, when the Pachypodium Succulentum starts growing again, these leaves will automatically return.

The flowers of the Pachypodium Succulentum are very beautiful. They grow between the upper leaves on stems of the caudex. The flowers of the Pachypodium Succulentum are white-pink in color with an intense purple center stripe.

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