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Dioscorea Elephantipes Caudex

Dioscorea Elephantipes Caudex

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Plants may differ slightly from the photos. Each plant is unique and slightly different from its neighbor.

Not suitable for consumption (humans and animals)


Height: 10-16 cm



April-September: During the growing season (when the plant has leaves) once every two weeks. It does not need water outside the growing season (when it has no leaves). *

October-March: Also adhere to the above. * *

*This is only for a sunny location

Light: Sunny

Nutrition: Once a month during the growing season


The Dioscorea Elephantipes is a beautiful caudex with few care requirements. In nature, the Dioscorea Elephantipes occurs in South Africa. Here this caudex grows in dry areas among small forests. The caudex of the Dioscorea Elephantipes has a beautiful groove and a rough appearance. This makes it reminiscent of a turtle or elephant's shell. In nature, specimens of 1 meter high have been found. With us they will not reach this height quickly because they are slow growers. The growth of the caudex can be accelerated by placing the plant in a large pot.

The Hottentot tribe eats the Dioscorea Elephantipes when they make long journeys. The caudex of the Dioscorea Elephantipes has a lot of fiber and is rich in carbohydrates. Like many other caudex plants, the Dioscorea Elephantipes has a rest and growth period. When the Dioscorea Elephantipes is at rest, you only see the caudex and some lignified parts of the stems. When the plant comes out of its dormant period, a green growing point appears on top of the caudex. This grows into a stem with green leaves. This stem and leaves can grow very quickly, up to 4-5 cm per day. It is important that when the Dioscorea Elephantipes is growing, you water it regularly. This way the growth of this caudex continues. When the Dioscorea Elephantipes is in dormancy, you need to give it little water. Then a little bit once a month is sufficient. This ensures that the roots do not dry out and the Dioscorea Elephantipes quickly starts growing again when it comes out of the rest period.

The Dioscorea Elephantipes is a caudex with a mind of its own. The plant itself decides when it will come out of the rest period and start growing again. This varies per plant and is not seasonal. The flowers of the Dioscorea Elephantipes appear during the growth period and smell wonderful. The flowers are yellow-green in color and 1 cm in diameter. The Dioscorea Elephantipes is male or female. This means you need two plants to pollinate.

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