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Astrophytum Myriostigma Fukuryu hybrids

Astrophytum Myriostigma Fukuryu hybrids

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Plants may differ slightly from the photos. Each plant is unique and slightly different from its neighbor.

Not suitable for consumption (humans and animals)

Diameter: 10.5 cm

Height: 8 & 12 cm



April-September: 1 x every 2 weeks*

October-March: 1x per month *

*This is only for a sunny location

Light: sunny

Nutrition: 1x per month (May-September)


Astrophytum Myriostigma fukuryu is a Japanese variant of the Astrophytum Myriostigma. This cactus variant forms additional ribs between and in the existing ribs. The cactus does this randomly, creating real sculptures that you can keep looking at. This Astrophytum has been given the name Fukuryu, because in Japanese this means the presence of extra ribs. This Astrophytum is an easy grower. They are often grafted, but also do well on their own roots.

When the Astrophytum Myriostigma fukuryu is having a good time, it often blooms several times in the spring and summer. Bright yellow flowers grow from the head of the cactus.

Ikhebeencactus has beautiful Astrophytum Myriostigma fukuryu cacti in a 10.5 cm pot for you. They are many different plants in terms of appearance. Choose from the drop-down menu whether you want a dotted shape or a nudum shape. In the Nudum shape the dots are completely or almost completely missing. However, white lines may be visible. To give you a good idea, we have photographed as many different shapes as possible. The price is for one plant.

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