About us

Hey! How nice that you are having a look at our webshop, especially for all cactus and succulent lovers!



Who are we?

Bo: When I was twelve years old, I got my first cactus. I still have this one! More cacti soon followed, and the hobby was born. I can spend hours walking around our greenhouse taking care of cacti. This gives me a lot of peace and energy. A cactus is a faithful companion that you can enjoy for many years with a little luck.

Chanel: I've always been an outdoors girl, working with plants and animals, getting your clothes dirty and your hands in the mess. I also really enjoy styling, decorating and keeping social media up to date on a daily basis. And what could be more fun than being able to do all this together with the love of your life? Right, nothing!



Why cacti and succulents?

The passion for cacti goes back a long way. The passion was already there as a child, after which it never disappeared. After filling the house with cacti for a long time (and then completely cramming every windowsill), the greenhouse was finally placed in the garden, after which the entire greenhouse was soon full. In short, a hobby that got out of hand!



How did we start?

It started with self-propagation and sowing, which got better and better, causing the number of cacti to grow enormously. Then after a while you end up with a lot of cacti that are 'left over'. What do you do with that? Hand out to your group of friends, family, and acquaintances! At one point, they also had enough. We were increasingly asked whether we also sold the cacti! After our Instagram account where we share our knowledge, photos and experiences also generated many positive messages, it was time for the next step, the webshop! A new online cactus shop, not one that has been around for years, but you have to start sometime!

With an online store you can make it as complicated as you want, we like to keep it simple! Our cacti are grown ourselves or personally selected from other growers. This means we always know what quality we are sending. Every cactus that comes to you has been sent from our greenhouse!


"Irritable yet loving"



I have a cactus, and you?

We really like it when not only we, but also you, have cacti and succulents! We do not limit ourselves only to the sale of cacti.

Where it started as a hobby for us and where we get a lot of satisfaction is making people enthusiastic about cacti. So if you have any questions or tips about cacti or succulents, please share them with us! Gladly, because we never stop learning!

Do you have a question?

WhatsApp us via the WhatsApp button at the bottom of your screen or send an email to: info@ikhebeencactus.nl